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As an educator, mother and lifelong North Carolinian, Representative Clemmons is running for re-election to the NC House so that she can continue working on behalf of our state to improve schools, expand job opportunities, protect our environment and ensure basic rights, including fair voting districts and laws. Ashton began her work in the NC House in 2019 and was elected by her peers to serve as Freshman Chair of the Democratic Caucus. She was appointed to various committees including Education, Education-Universities, Finance, and Commerce. In her first term, Representative Clemmons met with more than 2o0 individuals and groups of constituents; was the primary sponsor of 31 bills and co-sponsor of more than 80 bills supporting our public education system, re-entry for those previously incarcerated and strengthening our democracy; held 15 town halls and community conversations; and attended more than 100 community sponsored events. Additionally, Representative Clemmons started the first Joint Early Childhood Caucus. The caucus is a group of legislators, made up of senators, representatives, Republicans and Democrats, all interested in moving early childhood forward in our state.
“Whether meeting with people in our district or working in the legislature, each day as your state representative fills me with immense gratitude.  My greatest responsibility is to truly represent the needs of our community at the NC General Assembly.  I work diligently to hear directly from community members and to carry their ideas through the work I do in Raleigh.  Thank you for your support, questions, thoughts and encouragement.  I look forward to continuing onward together to move our state forward!” - Representative Clemmons
Recent News from the Representative Clemmons

Second Chance Act

Representative Clemmons is so proud that the Second Chance Act she filed in the NC House passed both chambers and heads to the Governor for his signature!

✅ Automatically expunges not guilty and dismissed charges
✅ Allows expunctions of nonviolent misdemeanors and/or 1 nonviolent felony after 7 years with no additional charges
✅ Updates expunctions for Raise the Age legislation

Read about it here: